Are you the type of person who has to be constantly in control?  Do you feel like if you don't do it, it won't get done?  Are you the one who handles every department instead of managing it?  Well, if this is you here a 5 simple ways to become more organized in your day.

1. Trust the process. It is your company and you have set in place rules, regulations, guidelines, the works.  Everyone has a job to do and you cannot be everywhere at once doing everything.

2. Training works.  The training process is key to a lot of businesses and most times in the process training is done at the on-site of the hiring process and many times that is it.  Training should happen periodically throughout the year.  Workshops, Retreats and  Webinars are just some ways to keeping the employees sharp and on top of their skills.  Also it doesn't hurt to revisit tasks as well.

3. Outsource projects.  When the load gets heavy.  Outsourcing is a great way to take some of the pressure off of the staff and it can also open up your company to some new ideas. 

4. Don't handle, manage.  It is imperative that you allow the staff to feel like you trust them and their ideas.  When you are a micro-manager it makes them feel like you don't trust them and thus they are less creative and less devoted to the company.  This all goes back to the trust factor.  Either you trust your staff or you don't.  Managing and being their with key pieces of advise when needed give the staff a different level of appreciation for the company.  

5. Refocus.  When all else fails take a minute step away from what you are doing and refocus your methods.  As the company grows and your clients become more demanding so can the ability to stay organized.  It doesn't hurt to make changes where needed.